An experienced, astute and highly versatile IT professional with a strong background in the IT industry, with demonstrated expertise in end-user technical support, troubleshooting, data centre environments, networking, enterprise and consumer hardware maintenance and upgrades. Delivered consistent excellent results in virtualisation, system administration, software development and project management.

Shows remarkable ability in applying innovative concepts to improve efficiency while ensuring flawless operations through excellent delivery of services. High capability to surpass all expectations and render the optimum level of service regardless of time constraints. A resourceful professional with a logical and practical approach to problem solving, and a strong commitment to the highest standards of professional conducts.

  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support
  • Web Development
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • System Security
  • Data Centre Operations
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • Git
  • Network Systems
  • Linux Operating Systems
  • Windows Operating Systems
  • Networking
  • Web Hosting
  • System Administration
  • Project Management
  • SNMP
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Server Management
  • Hardware Optimisation
  • Hardware Repair
  • Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • IPv4/IPv6
  • Server Deployment
  • Virtualisation
  • VMware
  • DNS
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Storage Solutions
  • Team Collaboration
  • Data Center Environments

CompTIA Network+

  • Qualification: CompTIA Network+
  • Date: 5th February 2018
  • Verification: G0RRGZRP3DEQ12CQ

Findlay James (Insolvency Practitioners) Limited

As IT Manager for Findlay James (Insolvency Practitioners) Limited I was responsible for all aspects of IT to ensure the smooth operations of the business. This included network, internal systems and software and hardware troubleshooting and working with non-technical members of staff to resolve issues which they had been experiencing.

I coordinated the maintenance and upgrades of core infrastructure to bring systems up-to-date and supported by third party suppliers. As part of these upgrades and maintenance all systems were documented to allow for better understanding of the IT, particularly during times of troubleshooting.

Findlay James (Insolvency Practitioners) Limited are business insolvency and recovery specialists. They provide insolvency advice and services to companies who are experiencing financial difficulties. Findlay James are one of the top insolvency practitioners in the UK, having been appointed on over 1700 formal insolvency appointments.

As the IT Manager for Findlay James (Insolvency Practitioners) Limited I was responsible for all aspects of IT which the company relied on to maintain business continuity.

  • Coordinated maintenance and upgrades of core infrastructure, including the core SQL database server and domain controller. These upgrades were necessary to bring the outdated systems onto newer, and supported, software.
  • Liaised with members of non-technical staff to resolve software, hardware and network-related issues which occurred during day-to-day business operations.
  • Wrote documentation of all company hardware, software, systems and IT assets to allow for easier troubleshooting during future issues.
  • Worked closely with third-party software suppliers to resolve issues with software which was critical to business operations.

Safe Hosts Internet LLP

In the position of Systems Engineer at Safe Hosts Internet LLP I was responsible for developing and managing a number of systems for internal and client use. The largest project I worked on was a data centre management platform, which was built in PHP with a MySQL database and was used for client and staff management of the datacentre, including technical support requests, site access and deliveries, and management of clients. An internal graphing and syslog monitor was another system which I worked on, which was displayed on dedicated screens in a network operation centre (NOC) for quick viewing by data centre staff to quickly identify any issues.

Along side system development I was also responsible for various aspects of the day-to-day operations of the business, including providing technical assistance to clients, liaising with suppliers of power and network infrastructure, and working with management and other departments to ensure the smooth running of the business.

Safe Hosts Internet LLP are an independent data centre and Internet Service Provider (ISP), based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. They own and operate their own data centre, providing hosting, colocation, and managed services to an international client base, including both service providers and end users.

As a Systems Engineer for Safe Hosts Internet LLP I worked on development of new systems to be used internally and for use by clients. I also oversaw the system administration of the new and pre-existing infrastructure infrastructure in a VMware ESX virtualised environment.

I also worked together with other engineers for the day-to-day operations of the data centre and ensuring that all infrastructure was functioning as expected, and provided clients with technical support when they were experiencing issues.

  • Developed new and existing systems for use internally and for communication with clients. Worked on projects as an individual, and as part of a team with other developers of varying skill levels. Systems included a data centre management portal, internal monitoring graphs, and a syslog screen, amongst others. Projects were typically developed with a HTML, CSS, and JavaScript front-end, with some systems requiring back-end development which was primarily done in PHP with a MySQL database where required. Version control of development projects was maintained using Git and with an in-house GitLab server.
  • Managed the system administration of company servers to ensure that operations were running as expected and optimised to full potential. Administrative tasks include system monitoring and maintenance, service management, backup configuration and restoration, SSL certificate management and installation, software package installation, configuration and upgrades. All aspects of the system administration duties were fully documented on an in-house MediaWiki web server.
    • Microsoft operating systems supported as part of system administration duties include Windows Server 2008 & R2, Server 2012 & R2, Server 2016, Windows 7 and Windows 10.
    • Various flavours of Linux operating systems were in use, but were primarily limited to Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS.
  • Demonstrated exceptional communication skills with upper management on a regular basis to report of updates to project development and any outstanding tasks relating to the progression of the business.
  • Provided functional assistance for clients clients with technical support via email and ticketing system, telephone, and in person. Technical issues included software, hardware and network related problems.
  • Streamlined existing monitoring and alerting systems and notifications, in particular network syslog and power usage thresholds on the data floor.
  • Worked closely with new and existing clients to ensure that their service is fully operational and taking action when additional requirements are needed.
  • Liaised with developers of licensed software, such as the company website and new HostBill billing platform to ensure that all requirements of the company are met by the software.
  • Brought all company documents and files into a central repository, hosted on an in-house OwnCloud storage server.
  • Wrote various operating procedures to be used as part of ISO 9001:2015 application and in the training of new staff.
  • Worked with external consultants, auditors and other members of staff to achieve successful accreditation for the business in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013.
  • Conducted training of new technical staff, including volunteers and students from local schools looking to work in the IT industry as a career on work experience.
  • Worked along with suppliers, such as electricity and upstream network providers, for resolution of issues and upgrades to infrastructure.
  • Collaborated with other departments on assisting with the daily operations of the business. For instance, assisting the billing department with credit control and notifying qualifying clients whose accounts had entered into arrears.


The largest project I worked one whilst at Safe Hosts Internet LLP was a centralised portal for client and staff use. This portal would be used for streamlining the daily operations of the data centre, as previously there had been multiple systems each with their own particular use. Having multiple systems which weren't tied in made things quite messy and clients had previously complained about how cumbersome some processes were. I was tasked with developing a system which would tie in all of the existing systems into a central location, as well as building a custom system for those which weren't already part of any system. With advice from other engineers about what would make their job easier, I drew upon my years of experience of working in a data centre environment to develop a central management platform for the daily operations of the data centre.

The portal was to be used as a central location for all client requirements. This includes managing company members who have access to equipment, raising access and delivery requests to the data centre, submitting technical support queries, and updating company contact details. A separate administrative system was also built for use by data centre engineers; this was used to manage all aspects of the system and have an overview of any details which clients had submitted to the portal.

As part of the requirements of the system various security features were implemented including automatic logout of clients if they had details changed by administrators, session fixation and session hijacking measures were also installed to ensure that the data on the system was kept secure.

Safe Hosts Internet LLP used the Observium monitoring system for network and power activity, and HostBill as it's billing platform. I made use of each of their API's to display clients current service, which was pulled from Observium, and all client invoices, which was taken from HostBill. Bringing these systems to one place meant that everything was located in one central place for clients.

The project was developed using PHP, with a MySQL back-end database. I also made use of the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework so that clients and data centre engineers would be able to access the system correctly on any device. The project was version-controlled using Git, which allowed for easy implementation of new features and versions, and also for additional development by other developers.

Internal Graphs

Existing monitoring and alerting systems in place at Safe Hosts Internet LLP relied on alerting on-duty staff via email, or for staff to log into a system and then search to find the key pieces of information. This process was rather inconvenient and lengthy to find the key readings of the datacentre.

I worked with the API in place on the Observium monitoring system to build a web panel with graphs of the key values of the data centre, such as temperature and humidity, power and network utilisation readings. These graphs were put on dedicated screens in the network operation centre (NOC) of the datacentre, and was used as a reference to quickly identify issues and resolve readings when tending towards out-of-range values.

Syslog Web Output

Syslog is an important part in identifying network-related faults and issues by displaying event log information in a central location. I worked to develop a web output of syslog messages which were obtained from a central syslog server. The syslog messages would contain alerts, notices and errors from the core network infrastructure, and was displayed on an auto-updating web page in the network operation centre (NOC) to allow on-duty engineers to have a visual output of all messages as a quick reference by using colour coding of varying levels of alerts. This meant that engineers could quickly and easily see when problems were present on the network.

M5i Limited

I worked for M5i limited in the position of Support Technician and Project Manager. As M5i Limited are a managed services provider (MSP), my role allowed me to gain a greater understanding of best practices of many IT services and broaden my technical knowledge in wide range of operations.

My main role was dealing with customer support queries and requests daily via telephone, email and internal ticketing system. These requests included installation, maintenance and upgrades of existing and new systems, including managed web-hosting, DNS, VPNs, and VOIP phone systems. M5i Limited also have their own bespoke content delivery network (CDN) which are used for increasing performance of client websites. I worked to implement and maintain this CDN on client and internal websites of all sizes.

I was responsible for installing and configuring physical hardware on the VMWare ESX environment used to house client and internal virtual servers. These servers were housed in data centres all over the world in a private cloud environment, and also located in-house on client premises.

Outside of assisting clients with technical support I was also a Project Manager and responsible for managing a small team of outsourced developers with building bespoke internal and client systems. I collaborated with the developers by contributing towards the front-end development of these systems.

M5i Limited is an IT consultancy and Managed Service Provider (MSP) located in Cheltenham. They offer managed IT solutions to small and medium sized businesses located all over the world, including the UK, USA, Eastern Europe and Asia. Managed services offered include disaster recovery and prevention such as automated back-up solutions, data recovery and hardware repair. Also offered is software development, VOIP and SIP services, email and web services, and dedicated and virtual servers.

M5i Limited provide managed services to clients of varying sizes all over the world. These services include managed web-hosting, DNS, CDN, VPN and system development. My role primarily consisted of maintaining these services and supporting clients when they had queries or issues.

Aside from supporting clients with technical issues, I worked with clients who had approached M5i for website development and I was responsible for the front-end development of these sites, primarily in HTML and CSS. I was also responsible for managing a small team of web developers to build bespoke systems. These systems were generally for internal use, although occasionally clients would approach the company for bespoke web platforms and task-specific systems.

  • Maintained managed web-hosting, DNS, CDN and VPN platforms for client and internal use.
  • Assisted clients with technical support via an internal support system, over the telephone and in-person. Support queries included hardware maintenance and diagnostics, system upgrades, software installation and configuration, DNS changes, back-up restoration, network issues, or general queries about use of services.
  • Performed the installation and configuration of VMWare ESX environments used to house client and internal virtual servers. These servers were generally webservers hosted on the Debian operating system with an NGINX and MySQL backend; although other operating systems were used for other platforms, such as Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012.
  • Managed and maintained physical hardware used for the VMWare ESX hosts and for back-up solutions. Physical hardware used includes various models from the Dell PowerEdge series with hardware RAID, and enterprise-grade QNAP systems for storing automated backups.
  • Installed virtual machines on in-house and private cloud VMWare ESX environments for use by clients, and configuring them using security best practices and to ensure that they are being fully monitored on all internal monitoring systems. These monitoring systems allowed issues to be spotted and resolved before they become critical events.
  • Troubleshot and resolved issues which arose from client use on servers which were primarily using Debian or Windows Server 2008 or 2012 operating systems.
  • Carried out the installation, configuration and maintenance of enterprise-grade hardware equipment installed in data centres; equipment includes servers, network devices, LAN and SAS storage and cabling the equipment to a standard so as to maximise airflow for the devices and to reduce time during future troubleshooting.
  • Oversaw the implementation and maintenance of monitoring systems, primarily Observium. These systems were used in device and service management and for client access to view the status of their systems. Monitoring systems make use of SNMP-based services and were used to monitor several key values of system status including network utilisation, humidity and temperature readings, power usage, and storage capacity, along with many other values. These recordings were also configured so that technical staff and clients were notified via email with details if values exceeded an acceptable range of values.
  • Traveled to data centres, mostly in London, to install, repair and upgrade rack-mounted equipment in response to client needs, as part of scheduled maintenance or in response to email alerts triggered by internal monitoring systems.
  • Managed forward and reverse DNS records using SimpleDNS for internal and client purposes.
  • Successful development of command line scripts for Debian and Windows operating systems to automate several processes to increase efficiency and decrease the time taken in the deployment and configuration of virtual machines. These scripts also ensured that machines were built to a standard, reducing time for troubleshooting and repair when issues arose.
  • Coordinated the operations of a small team of graphic and web designers on several small projects at a time to ensure that the needs of the project were met and in a timely manner. These projects were primarily for internal use but also occasionally included projects for clients.
  • Visited client sites as part of support requests for hardware diagnostics and upgrade installations, and for meetings regarding service usage.
  • Liaised with suppliers, such as data centres and upstream network providers, to ensure that the needs of the company were fully met.


CamKart is an all-terrain equipment trolley designed for photographers to safely and securely hold all of their equipment when taking photographs in a wide range of environments. Paul Saban, the inventor of the CamKart, wanted a well-designed website to showcase his innovative product and its vast array of functions and uses.

Paul opted for a one-page website design with parallax features. I worked directly with Paul throughout the whole project to develop a site which suited all of his needs, and which he was totally and completely satisfied with. The site was built in HTML and CSS, and using the Twitter Bootstrap framework so that the site would look fantastic on all screen sizes and at all resolutions. This would allow everyone visiting the site to have the same experience and allow Paul to showcase his invention effectively.

Working with Paul, the styling of the site was designed to reflect the logo and the product to maintain continuity between all aspects of the business. As the CamKart was designed for professional photographers, by a professional photographer, a gallery was to be part of the website with high quality photos. However, these photos had to be served to the end-user in a way in which would not slow down the website. Therefore the photos were optimised for the site and served to the end-user using M5i's bespoke CDN platform to maximise the performance of the site and minimise page loading times.

Independent IT Contractor & Web Developer

I have been working as an IT Contractor for a number of years. In that time I have provided a wide range of clients, from individuals through to multi-national corporations, with a wide range of services. Every single project I take on from a client, no matter the size or complexity of the task, and regardless of whether I providing service to an individual or a large company, all projects are handled with the highest level of service possible.

I have worked on developing web systems, on a range of technologies including HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, PHP, database-backed systems with MySQL and MariaDB, and various other web technologies. I have also been involved in system administration and management, including managed hosting, system configuration of both Windows and Linux operating systems, and installing solutions for clients to have better understanding of their IT infrastructure and detect problems before they arise.

I provide a wide range of services, with each one at the absolutely highest possible quality of service. All tasks are executed to ensure that the client is happy at all stages throughout the project, irrespective of the size or complexity of the task. I always try to provide the most cost-effective solution to the requirements of the project.

I have worked closely with a wide variety of clients, across an array of industries, with tasks ranging across various levels of complexity, planning, and implementation. I have collaborated with individuals, right through to large multi-national corporations, and each client is given the same level of attention to detail and quality of service.

Below are a list of some of the most common services I have provided for my clients.

  • Web development of various sized websites with various complexities. These include static HTML-only websites, to bespoke CMS solutions and database-backed management web-portals. Technologies most commonly used are HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery to build beautifully responsive and intuitive websites; PHP used on sites which require increased complexity or bespoke features, and MySQL or MariaDB on sites which require a database storage back-end.
  • Cable management of data centre racks and infrastructure, including new installations and live equipment.
  • Installation and management of hosting of client websites, including standard web-hosting and CMS solutions such as Joomla! and WordPress.
  • Installation and management of secure VPN solutions, primarily OpenVPN Access Server, to be used to give users secure and private access to their internal systems through VPN tunnelling.
  • Implementing management and monitoring systems to ensure smooth operation of processes and providing automatic notification when systems aren't operating as expected, allowing for action to be taken prior to issues arising.
  • Installation, troubleshooting and re-configuration of Windows and Linux operating systems.
    • Windows operating systems include Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012 and Server 2016.
    • Linux operating systems primarily used are Debian-derivatives, including Debian and Ubuntu of both desktop and server environments, but also knowledge with other Linux distributions including CentOS.
  • Installation, diagnosis, upgrade and repair of server, desktop and laptop hardware.

Details of all projects I have worked on can be found by visiting my portfolio.

Intranet Portal

I collaborated with TBG I.T. Services Limited to develop and deliver a bespoke intranet portal for a multinational company who specialise in ISO certification for businesses of all sizes in every industry all over the world. For a number of years they had been using a tweaked WordPress template and over time this system had become more difficult to use and no longer fulfilled the requirements of the users or of the business; it failed to work properly on most modern browsers, had several out-dated and unsupported plugins and generally decreased productivity for staff members.

The client wanted a secure, fast and user-friendly system to serve as a central portal to their user base of thousands of staff members all over the world. Staff members would then use this portal to view the latest company news, obtain documents and upload reports to be securely stored and viewed by the administration team for further processing.

I was responsible for the front-end development of the site, working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. As the client had such a wide user base, covering a wide range of devices and with varying levels of computer proficiency, I opted for the Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery frameworks. Making use of Bootstrap allowed development of completely optimised web pages for all screen sizes and resolutions, and use of jQuery ensured that dynamic and responsive page elements worked seamlessly on all browsers.

I also worked with and managed a small team of PHP developers to ensure that the focus of usability and simplicity of the system was also carried through to the back-end of the intranet portal, and that the whole team fully understood the needs of the client and that the clients' expectations were exceeded.

Tina's Top To Tails

Tina's Top To Tails is a dog grooming salon located in the heart of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Tina Richards wanted a website which would allow her business to stand out from local competition and to showcase her work via an online portfolio.

I worked cloesly with Tina to develop a company website with the professional and sophisticated feel she wanted. The site was built mainly in HTML and CSS, and I opted to use the Twitter Bootstrap framework to ensure that the site looked perfect across all devices, of all screen sizes and resolutions.

Address Book

Ray Johnson is a work colleague and friend who wanted a simple online platform which he could use to store contact details of his friends and family members. He wanted a system which he has sole control over and didn't leave him beholden to a third-party provider. Ray had used several free, open source, and cloud-based solutions in the past, but none could fully fit his criteria. He wanted a simple solution which was quick, secure and easy to use.

The address book was built using PHP to process user actions, with a MySQL database back-end to store contact, user and log details. This data was presented via a web browser using HTML and with the Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework to ensure that web pages are fully functional on all devices with different screen sizes and resolutions.

Ray wanted the system to be secure, and so several core security features were written to protect the data stored in the system. Features added include user authentication, user activity logging and regularly checking if the user has successfully been authenticated on the system when navigating around various pages. Session fixation and hijacking prevention measures were also written, to add an additional level of protection and peace of mind for Ray when storing sensitive data in the system.

The address book was also built with a simple API which allowed it to be integrated into Ray's exisiting FreePBX VOIP phone system. This allowed the phone system to lookup an incoming phone call using an API request to the address book. The system would then securely query the database and return a result for the phone number to the FreePBX phone system, which would then be used to display the name of the caller.

Safe Hosts Internet LLP

Having already worked for Safe Hosts Internet LLP for a number of years in the position of NOC Engineer, in January 2015 I was promoted to NOC Team Manager, although whilst still upholding my NOC Engineer duties alongside my new position.

In this position I coordinated a team of 10 employees, delegating tasks to NOC staff to meet the needs of the company. I also composed a fortnightly shift rota to ensure that adequate staff were on site 24/7. I regularly held meetings with other members of management to improve standards in various areas of the data centre operations, and wrote reports of the status of operations which was used to relay information to managing directors and shareholders.

Safe Hosts Internet LLP are an independent data centre and Internet Service Provider (ISP), based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. They own and operate their own data centre, providing hosting, colocation, and managed services to an international client base, including both service providers and end users.

In the position of NOC Team Manager I coordinated the operations of a team of NOC engineers within the data centre. I composed a fortnightly rota to cater to the needs of the company, and also delegated tasks to engineers to be undertaken outside of typical operations.

  • Delegated weekly and monthly tasks to NOC staff as per the requirements of the company or of clients.
  • Composed a fortnightly shift rota for a staff of 10 employees to ensure that adequate staff are available on site 24/7.
  • Liaised with contractors and suppliers to schedule maintenance of core infrastructure, particularly UPS power systems and network infrastructure.
  • Prepared detailed monthly reports to relay information back to shareholders and managing directors about the progress of tasks.
  • Met with other members of management to create a list of weekly and monthly tasks to be completed by NOC staff. These tasks were to increase revenue, and to increase the efficiency of daily operations.
  • Conducted training of new technical staff on internal systems and procedures.
  • Wrote and updated company procedural documentation in preparation for obtaining ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and for staff training purposes.

Ticket System

Safe Hosts Internet LLP had previously been using a ticketing system which over time, as business requirements had changed, failed to fulfill the requirements of the company. There were features which were required to allow for a smoother operation of the business and cleaner interface with clients. I approached FreshDesk with this issue and, with suggestions from other NOC staff, generated a list of requirements which a new ticket system must achieve.

The solution was to use a plan from FreshDesk, and their developers would customise our ticketing system for our specific needs. I managed a small development team from FreshDesk to produce a new ticketing system which provided NOC staff with all of the features which were required and recommended. The new ticketing system was delivered ready for use ahead of schedule and on budget, even with adding additional features which were not anticipated in the original plan.

Safe Hosts Internet LLP

I worked for Safe Hosts Internet LLP in the position of NOC Engineer. My role primarily was interfacing with customers who were experiencing technical issues. These issues could range from simple system reboots and hardware diagnostics, repair, and maintenance, to network troubleshooting and operating system configuration. Communicating with clients was generally done via a secure helpdesk ticketing system, although occasionally assistance via telephone or in-person was given.

Aside from interacting with clients, I was also responsible for, with other engineers, the maintenance and upkeep of core data centre infrastructure. This included power, network and cooling systems. It was imperative that systems were operating correctly and efficiently, and that regular maintenance and monitoring was conducted to ensure systems could be resolved and restored quickly with minimal impact to service in the event of any issues.

Safe Hosts Internet LLP are an independent data centre and Internet Service Provider (ISP), based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. They own and operate their own data centre, providing hosting, colocation, and managed services to an international client base, including both service providers and end users.

As NOC Engineer my primary role was to provide technical support to clients who had got in touch via helpdesk ticket system, telephone, or in person. I was also responsible, with other engineers, for maintaining the key data centre infrastructure, including power, network and cooling systems. The task to ensure the efficient and continuous operation of the key infrastructure was improved with the implementation of several internal monitoring systems which I worked on installing and configuring.

Safe Hosts Internet LLP have a central VMWare hosting platform which is used to host various virtual machines which were to be used for the operations of the business. These virtual machines include monitoring systems, the company website and mail servers, iterative and recursive DNS servers, VPN servers, and IP PBX servers. I was directly involved in the installation, configuration, and maintenance of a large number of these virtual platforms.

  • Maintained, with other engineers, core data centre infrastructure, including network, power and cooling systems.
  • Provided assistance for clients with technical support queries via an internal ticket support system, over the telephone and in-person. This includes troubleshooting and resolution, repairing and upgrading for both hardware and software, on Windows and various popular Linux distribution operating systems. The majority of hardware included rack-mounted Dell PowerEdge series and HP ProLiant series, but also included many other various makes and models including SuperMicro, Fujitsu, QNAP, Cisco, and Juniper.
  • Conducted daily checks to maintain the security and integrity of the data centre site to a satisfactory level, and taking the appropriate action when standards were not adequate to meet the needs of the company.
  • Maintained a central VMware ESX hosting platform of virtual machines for internal business use. Virtual machines include monitoring systems, company website and mail servers, iterative and recursive DNS servers, VPN access server and IP PBX server.
  • Worked together with new clients of colocation and dedicated rental services to always ensure that the customer had a positive experience when migrating their services into the data centre. Also ensured that new clients fully understood company processes for support requests, site access and site deliveries in line with company policies.
  • Performed the installation and configuration of network and power infrastructure in rack cabinets prior to colocation clients moving equipment to the site.
  • Prepared rackspace for new and existing clients ready to install equipment on the data floor with minimal interruptions.
  • Implemented and maintained monitoring and control systems for clients and for internal use, for client support as well as for billing purposes. Monitoring systems make use of SNMP to take automated readings of key values for efficient running of the data centre and to be used when generating invoices of client service usage; notably temperature and humidity, power usage and network usage of client equipment. The monitoring systems primarily installed and used were Observium, PRTG and Cacti. The control system set-up was RackTables and was installed to speed up support requests and to be used as a central database of client services and equipment located on the data floors.
  • Wrote documentation on how to use monitoring and control systems, as to be part of staff training.
  • Trained new and existing members of staff on core systems, including monitoring and management platforms.
  • Oversaw the implementation of alerting notifications using data from monitoring systems to alert NOC staff to issues when values fall outside of the acceptable range. Notification methods include email and SMS/pager alerts. The alerts would then allow NOC staff, myself included, to take the appropriate action to bring values back to acceptable levels.
  • Maintained the company website with HTML, and CSS with the Twitter Bootstrap framework; primarily adding new content and fixing bugs when they arose.
  • Collaborated with contractors on the installation of internal safety systems, such as fire detection, to BS British Standards guide and so that the requirements of the company were met.

Saxon Data Limited

I joined a part-time position at Saxon Data Limited as a Technical Assistant. In this role I assisted various IT departments with their responsibilities, primarily the hardware support and website development teams.

Whilst working with the hardware support team I assisted other support engineers with first line technical support requests. When working with the in-house web development team I worked on developing web pages for local business; these websites were hosted in the data centre on-site and were typically built using only HTML with some CSS features.

Saxon Data are data centre located in the heart of Cheltenham. They provide colocation rack space, dedicated server rentals and VPS services with 24/7 technical support and advice.

My position at Saxon Data Limited was a part-time Technical Assistant. Primarily my roles consisted of providing assistance to other technical engineers with customer support requests. These requests ranged from simple system reboots, to hardware diagnostics and troubleshooting, and resolving network connectivity issues.

I also worked together together with the in-house website development team, working to troubleshoot and resolve web design issues of websites of local businesses which were hosted in Saxon Data's data centre. Typically clients required some web content changes, however occasionally there would be functionalities of the websites which weren't working as expected, and therefore I provided assistance with troubleshooting and resolving these issues.

  • Provided assistance to other technical engineers with first line support requests. These requests ranged from simple system reboots to hardware diagnostics and troubleshooting and resolving network connectivity issues.
  • Worked together closely with in-house graphic designers and website developers to assist in the development and troubleshooting of the company and client websites.
  • HTML web development and troubleshooting.
  • Performed the maintenance on office desktop computers, ensuring that they were functioning as expected.

A PDF copy of this CV can be downloaded by clicking on the following links.