CamKarts Website

February 2016

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 3

CamKarts Limited

CamKart is an all-terrain equipment trolley designed for photographers to safely and securely hold all of their equipment when taking photographs in a wide range of environments. Paul Saban, the inventor of the CamKart and an experienced photographer, wanted a well-designed website to showcase his innovative product and its vast array of functions and uses.

I worked with Paul and he opted for a one-page site design with parallax features, which works very well with photographic websites as it gives the illusion of looking through the viewfinder of a camera. The styling of the site was designed to match the company logo, maintaining continuity throughout the product. As the CamKart was designed for professional photographers, by a professional photographer, a gallery was to be part of the website with high quality photos. However, these photos had to be served to the end-user in a way in which would not slow down the website, especially as the whole site was being served in a single page. Therefore the photos were optimised for the site and served to the end-user using a CDN to maximise the performance of the site and minimise page loading times.

The site was designed using the Bootstrap framework so that the site would look fantastic on all screen sizes at all resolutions so that all end-users visiting the website would have the same experience. This would allow everyone visiting the site to have the same experience and allow Paul to showcase his invention effectively.

CamKarts Website

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