Crypto Camden Website

June 2018

PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap 3

Crypto Camden is a personal project and is an online directory of businesses which accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment for goods and services. Crypto Camden was built due to the lack of online resources available to find where to spend cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum.


I have been involved in the cryptocurrency community for a number of years and had always found it difficult to know where to spend my cryptos. Often it was down to pure chance that I would find a website which accepted these currencies as a method of payment. I therefore wanted to build a system to assist other cryptocurrency users to find places to spend their cryptos.


The system was built in pure PHP from the ground up, with the Bootstrap 3 CSS framework for the front-end. As this site was to be for cryptocurrency users, I wanted to reflect some of the core values of cryptos in the development of the site, such as privacy. As such certain approaches were taken to ensure that the privacy and security of users was held to the highest regard, making no use of any analytics or tracking data. As privacy was a key feature I also didn't want to include too much JavaScript in the page as knowing the audience some users may have JavaScript disabled in their web browser, therefore I wanted to make sure that the site would still function as expected even without the availability of JavaScript.

Crypto Camden Website

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